Admission requirements and necessary papers

Admission requirements:

Students who wish to study at the college are accepted based on the general policy for admission of students to university colleges and intermediate university colleges for the intermediate university degree stage, which is issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the beginning of the academic year.

In order to study in the specializations offered by the college, the student must have obtained a high school certificate in one of the following branches:

  • The scientific branch or its equivalent.
  • The industrial branch of the universities track / with the two additional courses or their equivalent.
  • Industrial branch, college track/without the two additional subjects or their equivalent, in the majors: building and armament, bricklaying, paving and painting, carpentry and decoration, upholstery and decoration

Students who have obtained a mark of 40% or above in high school subjects from the year 2017-2018 are allowed to be admitted to all college programs, provided that they obtain an average of 50% or higher in the general secondary examination. Jordanian universities through bridging.

Documents required for registration:

  • A certified copy of the high school transcript number 2.
  • The original high school transcript in Arabic or its equivalent duly certified, or an equivalent from the Jordanian Ministry of Education for the non-Jordanian high school.
  • A certified copy of the civil status ID number 2.
  • Flag service book for Jordanian males only.
  • A copy of the family book number 2.
  • A copy of the passport (for non-Jordanians), number 2.
  • 4 personal photos.