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The Faculty of the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center for Surveyor and Geospatial Sciences is an extension of the training center established since the establishment of the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center in 1975 to train technical staff specialized in various surveying sciences.

In 1988, the Training Center became a community college called the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center College for Surveyive Sciences, and continued to graduate qualified surveying technical staff that would provide the Kingdom and its sister Arab countries with competencies in various surveyory sciences, map production and printing, and in 1998 the College was followed administratively and academically by the University of Balqa Applied to be one of its intermediate university colleges.

In 2015, the college was returned to the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center building as a publicly accredited public college, especially from the Higher Education Institutions Accreditation Authority and ensuring its quality and licensed by The Balqa Applied University. The College has received the full care, attention and continued support of the Management of the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center, which is represented by its Director General Colonel Muammar Kamel Haddadin, who has worked to provide all the educational and practical requirements of competencies, halls, tools and all that is needed to provide an ideal educational environment.